Blue Flower

"Pre-GM" Vauxhall 

A09, A11 & A12 "20hp" 4-cylinder 

A "16-20" 4-cylinder 

B09 "16hp" 4-cylinder 

B10 "27hp" 6-cylinder 

B11 "30hp" 6-cylinder 

B12 "35hp" 6-cylinder 

C 20hp "Prince Henry" 4-cylinder 

D & OD "25hp" & "23-60" 4-cylinder 

E & OE "30-98" 4-cylinder 

H Pomeroy 4-cylinder prototype replacement for 30-98 

L Pomeroy V-12 cylinder prototype 

M & LM "14hp" & "14-40" 4-cylinder 

R "20-60" 2.7 litre six-cylinder 

S "25-70" single sleeve valve six-cylinder 

T & T80 "20-60" 2.9 & 3.2 litre six-cylinder 

V "Cadet" VY 17hp & VX 26hp 6-cylinder 

Y 1908 2000 Mile International Touring ar Trial prototypes


"Post GM" & pre- Second World War  

A "Light Six" ASY 12hp & ASX 14hp 6-cylinder 

BX & BXL "Big Six" 20 & 27hp 6-cylinder 

D "Light Six" DY 12hp & DX 14hp 6-cylinder 

GY & GL "25hp" 6-cylinder 

H "Ten-Four" 10hp 4-cylinder 

I "Twelve Four" 4-cylinder 

J "Fourteen-Six" 6 cylinder


Post Second World War & up to Integration with Opel / GM Europe  

HIY 10hp & HIX 12hp 

L "Wyvern" LIX 4-cylinder & "Velox" LIP 6-cylinder 

E "Wyvern" EIX 4-cylinder, "Velox" EIP 6-cylinder & "Cresta EIPC 6-cylinder 

F "Victor" 4-cylinder 

FB "Victor" & "VX4/90 4-cylinder 

FC "Victor 101" & "VX4/90" 4-cylinder 

FD "Victor" & VX4/90 ohc 4-cylinder & "Ventora" 6-cylinder 

FE "Victor" & "VX4/90" ohc 4-cylinder & "Ventora" 6-cylinder 

HA "Viva" & HA 90 "Viva 90" 4-cylinder 

HB "Viva", "SL90" & "Brabham Viva" 4-cylinder 

HC "Viva", "Firenza", "Firenza HP & "Magnum" 4-cylinder & ohc 4-cylinder 

PA "Velox" & "Cresta" 6-cylinder 

PB "Velox" & "Cresta" 6-cylinder 

PC "Cresta" & "Viscount" 6-cylinder 

U "Cavalier Mark 1" 4-cylinder 


From the Mark 1 Cavalier on, model designations were as per Opel/GM

e.g. Nova/Corsa S-car

  Chevette/Astra T-car

  Cavalier/Vectra J-car

  Carlton/Senator/Monza/Omega V-car

The letter designation was used with the model year of introduction to identify models. E.g.T-92 was the Astra Mark 3.