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Membership of the VBOA is open to all UK clubs that cater for owners of Vauxhall cars, Bedford commercial vehicles or Opel cars.

Overseas membership is open to all non-UK clubs that cater for Vauxhall cars or Bedford commercial vehicles or Opel cars.

Guidelines for Clubs wishing to join the VBOA

These guidelines are not intended to deter potential member clubs but to protect the good name of the VBOA and Vauxhall Motors Ltd. The VBOA is a friendly group of enthusiasts keen to foster the activities of all member clubs.

  • Applications should be addressed to the Secretary
  • The Secretary will pass the application to the chair of the Membership Application sub-committee
  • Each club applying for membership will be advised of the constitution of the VBOA and the VBOA's working definitions of 'club' and 'member'
  • The Membership Application sub-committee will assess each applying club; look at how it operates, what members get for their membership fee and how the club meets the VBOA requirements
  • The Membership Application sub-committee will compile a brief report for consideration by the VBOA committee at its next meeting. The sub-committee report will contain as a minimum:
    • Name of club seeking affiliation
    • Established since (date)
    • Number of current paying members
    • Previous history
    • Models supported
    • Membership fee
    • Financial model (non profit / profit)
    • Membership benefits
    • Meets VBOA requirements? (VBOA Constitution)
    • Recommendation of way ahead (invitation or specific feedback)
  • For UK based clubs, the committee will either invite the applicant club to give a presentation on its activities at a future VBOA committee meeting or arrange for appropriate feedback to be given or information requested which could facilitate the membership request. Communication to the applicant club will be via the Membership Application sub-committee. Overseas clubs will not be required to make a presentation

  • At the conclusion of an applicant club presentation to the VBOA committee, the application will be discussed and immediate feedback given. The Membership Application sub-committee will provide support to the vote decision and will put forward any additional information that it deems necessary.

  • If successful, the applicant club is welcome to attend all VBOA meetings and events for a probationary period of 12 months

  • Clubs are required to nominate a representative (or a small number of rotating representatives) to attend VBOA committee meetings which are held in Luton approximately 6 times a year. Attendance standards are monitored and enforced as per the Constitution.

  • On the successful completion of the probationary period, the club is invited to become a fully affiliated member of the association on payment of a small one-off administration fee based on membership numbers, as follows: 0 to 100 - £10, 101 to 500 - £20, Over 501 - £30, Overseas clubs - free.

  • All clubs attending the VBOA events must be covered by public liability insurance.

  • VBOA Constitution

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