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1. Title and Description.
The title shall be the "Vauxhall Bedford Opel Association" hereafter referred to as the VBOA or the Association.
The Association is a worldwide group of Clubs for Vauxhall, Opel, Bedford and Holden enthusiasts, headed by an Association Committee of representatives from the affiliated Clubs, hereafter referred to as the Clubs. Clubs may use the VBOA title eg. in Club magazines to indicate membership but not to endorse any action, company or product.

2. Association Contact Address.
The contact for general matters is that of the Secretary by post, telephone and at the discretion of the Secretary, by e-mail.
Clubs may not use the Association address for directing their own mail.

3. Objectives of the Association.
To further interest in the preservation, history & active use of Vauxhall, Opel, Holden and Bedford vehicles.
To maintain close contact between, and support for, UK and overseas Clubs.
To act as a forum for Clubs to discuss suggestions, problems etc.
To maintain a liaison with Vauxhall Motors Ltd (VM) and suitable suppliers on all matters of mutual interest.
To provide Clubs with such benefits and privileges as it is possible to arrange.
To assist Clubs concerning the re-manufacture and acquisition of spares.
To maintain sufficient funds to cover the general administration of the Association and to organise selected shows.
To promote at least one major show each year.
To assist in co-ordinating the entry of Clubs to large UK and International shows and rallies.
To encourage and assist Clubs in their dealings with worthwhile organisations eg. Motor Sports Association (MSA), Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) etc. 
To assist in passing legal advice and information to Clubs. 

4. Management.
The authority and responsibility for the business of the Association shall be vested in the Officers and Committee.

5. Elections of Officers.
Officers may be elected only at an AGM (Annual General Meeting) or SGM (Special General Meeting).
The period of office is two years after which Officers must stand down, however they are eligible for re-election.
On alternate years when the Officers stand down, the current Chairperson will run the meeting until elections commence when a temporary Chairperson will be elected and all the Officers are stood down. The temporary Chairperson will then handle the election of Officers at which point the newly elected Chairperson will take control of the meeting. This is not necessary if there are no new nominations.
Written nominations for Officer positions must be in the hands of the Secretary at least 28 days before the AGM date.
All nominations must be proposed and seconded and have the nominee's agreement to stand.

6. Committee Meetings.
Shall be held at such dates and venues as the Committee may decide.
Normally arrangements will be made at each meeting for the subsequent meeting.
The Secretary will confirm arrangements to all Clubs approx. two weeks before each meeting and will provide an agenda.
The agenda will make provision for "Any Other Business" but serious or contentious matters should be notified in advance to the Secretary to ensure inclusion at the relevant priority within the agenda.
UK based Clubs are required to be represented at each Committee Meeting. If the nominated VBOA Representative is not available then every endeavour should be made to have the club represented. If this is not possible then apologies must be sent to the Secretary prior to the meeting. If a Club is not represented for three consecutive meetings then the Chairman will write to the Club warning them that expulsion from the VBOA could occur if they are not represented at the next meeting. Any Club that does not respond positively to a warning letter, or which has received two warning letters over any period, will be referred to the VBOA Committee for consideration for expulsion from the VBOA.
Quorum requirements are three officers and seven Club representatives.

7. Annual General Meeting.
In order to economise on members' travelling time and costs, a Committee Meeting may be combined with an AGM or SGM with the Committee business being completed first by the current Committee.
The AGM will be held each year in April or May with the date agreed at the last meeting in the previous calendar year to enable Clubs to avoid clashes of dates.
The Chairperson and Treasurer will present reports covering the past year's activities.
Quorum requirements are three Officers and seven Club representatives.

8. Special General Meeting.
An SGM may only discuss the subject for which the meeting was called.
It can be called by Officers without petition.
It can be called by a consortium of seven Clubs.
There will be a minimum of 21 days between a request for an SGM and the meeting date.
Quorum requirements are three officers and seven Club representatives.

9. Voting.
One vote per Club from those present only.
Officers may vote only if they are the sole representative of their Club present.
Chairperson (or temporary Chairperson) to have a casting vote in the event of a tie, if necessary in addition to his/her Club vote.
Voting at all meetings to be carried by a simple majority.
Committee Meetings.
By show of hands of those present and eligible only.
Postal votes submitted and signed by the Club's VBOA representative are acceptable if in the hands of the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the meeting.

10. Records.
Minutes will be taken at all meetings and distributed within three weeks to all Clubs by e-mail where possible, otherwise by post.
Copies of minutes will be sent to all Club representatives attending meetings and one copy to all Clubs not represented at the meeting. If Clubs require extra copies it is the responsibility of their Club Representative to provide them.
Agreed minutes to be signed by Chairman and available for inspection by a member at any reasonable time.
Agendas for meetings will be sent to all Clubs at least two weeks prior to the meeting.
Clubs must impart relevant VBOA information promptly to their members.
General correspondence to be held on record by the Secretary.

11. Finance.
The VBOA is a non-profit making organisation except for maintaining a level of funds sufficient to cover Association activities.
No-one may profit from VBOA activities without full Committee approval.
Treasurer to be able to provide approximate balance at Committee meetings.
Treasurer to keep records of income and expenditure and to present accounts at the AGM.
All cheques to be signed by a minimum of two of the three authorised signatory Officers.
Treasurer to advise the Committee on maintaining solvency.

12. Affiliation of new Clubs.
Clubs making an application to join must have been in existence for 24 months.
A copy of the VBOA Constitution and the Guidelines for applying will be made available to prospective new member Clubs.
After written application to, and assessment by, the Membership Application Sub Committee they will be invited to a VBOA meeting to make a presentation about their Club to include the next 12 months programme of events. Overseas applicants can make a written or video presentation.
VBOA will then vote on a 12 month probationary period as Associate members with attendance at shows and meetings (where they have no voting rights).
After a satisfactory 12 months, VBOA vote on Full membership. A one-time subscription fee is payable at this time.
Subscriptions - up to 100 members £10, 100-500 £20, > 500 £30. No fee for overseas Clubs.
No inter-Club politics to interfere with above.
Purely web based Clubs are not acceptable.

13. Constitution.
Amendments to the Constitution may only be made at an AGM or SGM.
Proposals with supporting reasons in writing must be in the hands of the Secretary a minimum of 28 days before the AGM or SGM date.
The Constitution will be distributed to all Officers and Club Representatives whenever amended

14. Motor Sport.
Clubs intending to organise any sporting or road event should consider the implications of obtaining the approval of the MSA, local authorities, land owners, police etc.

15. Liability.
All vehicles, including static and immobilised exhibits, attending VBOA events must have the relevant valid insurance, tax, MOT etc. covering the vehicle, exhibit, driver(s) and minder(s).

16. Insurance Cover.
VBOA organised events will have public liability insurance cover.

17. Resignation of member Clubs.
Any Club intending to resign from the Association should inform the Secretary in writing or in person at any Association meeting.

18. Observance and Interpretation of Constitution and Rules.
Every Committee Officer and Club representative binds himself or herself to abide by the Association Constitution and Rules at meetings and events and to accept as final and binding the decision of the Association in cases of dispute or disagreement as to interpretation.

19. Conduct of members/Expulsion.
If any Club is deemed by the Officers and Committee to have brought the VBOA or VM into disrepute, a formal written warning will be issued with a time and place to respond to the allegations when a Committee vote will be taken on the matter.
If the defence is inadequate or not forthcoming the Association reserves the right to repeat the letter/meeting process or to terminate that Club's membership of the VBOA

20. Dissolution.
The Association shall only be dissolved upon the votes of a simple majority of members at an SGM convened to consider such a proposal.
Upon dissolution the funds shall be passed to whatever organisation the Officers decide best represents the objectives of the VBOA.

Amended 18th April 2004
Amended 14th May 2006
Amended 3rd February 2008

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